Organizational health begins with you.

What are the

7 Sources of Health?

Brain Science

Leveraging brain-science techniques such as cognitive behavioral practices, self-efficacy, mindfulness, and the transtheoretical model of behavioral change to integrate learning.

Adaptive Microlearning

The SOHLx web-based program creates continuously customized skill recommendations and short bursts (2 to 5 minutes) of training along with constant reinforcement, coaching, confidence and knowledge assessments.

Dashboard Analytics

SOHLx provides extensive management analytics that allow you to track system usage, milestone achievements, self-ratings, and aggregate assessment results. Additional custom analytics can be added on to track correlations between usage and achievements and key metrics.

SOHL VUCA Adaptive Skills, proven results:

VUCA is an acronym describing the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity of navigating stressful work and life environments.


Would recommend SOHL to co-workers


Can better cope with VUCA


Are more engaged


Reduction in healthcare costs


Of all patients can be helped with VUCA Adaptive Skills

Meet the Founder

Ruthann Russo is a lifelong learner and a board-certified integrative medicine practitioner. She has practiced and taught evidence-informed self-care skills to patients at three academic medical centers and created wellness and burnout prevention programs for Fortune 100 firms.

White Papers & Original Research

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Strengthen Sources of Health: A Collaborative Learning Model Re-imagines Healthcare

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The New Prescription for Burnout: Leader Led. Whole Person Engagement. Data-Driven.

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