Improve The Health And Well-being Of Your Community

Lead Your Organization Towards a Wellness-Based Healthcare Model

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Your Dilemma?

You have pledged somewhere in your vision or mission statement to improve the health and well-being of your community. How do you make that happen in a world that thinks health systems only treat sickness?

Our Promise?

At SOHL, we ensure that you achieve your vision for improved community health and well-being. The best part? We do this while improving the well-being of your leaders and employees. We help you create healthier, happier, and more engaged communities.  The result? A safer and more equitable health system. 

Why Trust Us?

SOHL teams are consultants, educators and information experts who are obsessed with making self-care accessible to everyone in your community. Our implementation teams have over 100 years of combined experiences as physicians, behavior health specialists, lifestyle medicine practitioners, software engineers, and developers.

The Result?

Everyone thrives when community members are engaged and consistently strengthening their 7 sources of health. At SOHL, we combine a proven model for self-care with evidence-informed practices and continuous measurement. Using our System-wide Sustainable Self-Care Initiatives (SSSCI) and web-based applications, self-care becomes a key metric on your dashboard.

To be an integrated system, we need to integrate, be whole individuals first.

Hospital CEO, Senior Executive Wellness & Self-Care Study Participant

Organizations We Have Helped


What are the 7 Sources Of Health

The SOHLx Enterprise-wide Application


Brain Science

Leveraging brain-science techniques such as cognitive behavioral practices, self-efficacy, mindfulness, and the transtheoretical model of behavioral change to integrate learning.

Adaptive Microlearning

The SOHLx web-based program creates continuously customized skill recommendations and short bursts (2 to 5 minutes) of training along with constant reinforcement, coaching, confidence and knowledge assessments.

Dashboard Analytics

SOHLx provides extensive management analytics that allow you to track system usage, milestone achievements, self-ratings, and aggregate assessment results. Additional custom analytics can be added on to track correlations between usage and achievements and key metrics.

SOHL Sustainable Self-Care Initiatives, proven results:

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Would recommend SOHL to co-workers

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Can cope better with adaptive skills.

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Are more engaged.


Reduction in healthcare costs.

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of patients can be helped with adaptive skills.

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