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What Is The Role Of Self-Care In Value Based Care?

I recently had a conversation with a value-based care executive. After he rejected the idea that self-care is an essential component of any value-based care initiative, I responded, “But, given the value of self-care tools and measures, preserving health and optimizing well-being could be the glue that holds a value-based care strategy together.” His response?…

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The Three S’s of Self-Care for Health Systems and Their Leaders.

Preserving health and optimizing wellbeing is essential to the future of healthcare and humanity. Self-care practiced System-wide, that is Sustainable and Scalable achieves this goal. Health systems are evolving to include partnerships and networks that promote well-being. The universal need for self-care is shared by leaders, employees, patients, and practitioners alike. Neglecting self-care results in…

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Why isn’t Spirituality a Source of Health?

During my self-care training programs, I am often asked, “Why isn’t spirituality a Source of Health (SOH)?” My answer? Given the all-encompassing nature of spirituality, it didn’t seem correct to pigeonhole it as just another source of health. A colleague of mine, Luann Fortune, and I identified that participants in the self-care trainings we conducted…

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