About Dr. Ruthann Russo


Ruthann is the founder and CEO of SOHL where she and her team create Sustainable Self-Care Initiatives to help individuals and organizations prosper. She and her team are passionate about using technology like the SOHLx enterprise-wide APPlication to continuously measure the impact of improved self-care. She is enthusiastic about delivering training in multiple formats to enhance learning.

Ruthann has over 20 years of experience leading health care consulting and software development firms. In all of this work, she and her teams have created new services for healthcare systems while successfully integrating change management processes to ensure sustainability. She has worked with over 200 healthcare systems and Fortune 100 firms implementing clinical documentation improvement, compliance, self-care, and lifestyle medicine initiatives. She has earned 4 doctoral and 2 master’s degrees and is double board certified in Lifestyle Medicine and Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

In her TEDx presentation, Your Vital Role in Reimagining Healthcare, she describes how her daughter Emmalea's diagnosis of epilepsy altered the trajectory of her life to focus on helping others understand what they can do to help themselves. She is the creator of the Senior Healthcare Executive Wellness and Self-Care Action Research Project and the author of 7 Steps to Your Best Possible Healthcare: Crafting Your Personal Health Plan.


Your Vital Role In Reimagining Healthcare

by Dr. Ruthann Russo

Learn the story behind the creation of SOHL. Dr. Ruthann Russo shares why she started SOHL and what drives her passion to bring wellness and organizational health to hospitals everywhere.