Using the SOHLx App Transforms Individual Health into Organizational Health.

The SOHLx App Overview

We have created a mobile and desktop portal where you, your employees, patients, and other community members can go to learn and reinforce self-care skills, self-assess, and stay motivated towards continued wellness. We use micro-learning in short bursts of 2-3 minutes for increased sustainability and improved user experience. The portal also measures the impact of self-care skills training on healthcare expenditures, patient and employee engagement, and other key metrics that are relevant for your organization. 

Continuously Assess and Measure

SOHLx APP measures self-care, motivation, and confidence at the individual, group, and organization levels.  Customized measures such as satisfaction, engagement, and even health care costs to support value-based care and APMs can also be measured anonymously across the organization.


Brain Science

Leveraging brain-science techniques such as cognitive behavioral practices, self-efficacy, mindfulness, and the transtheoretical model of behavioral change to integrate learning.

Adaptive Microlearning

The SOHLx web-based program creates continuously customized skill recommendations and short bursts (2 to 5 minutes) of training along with constant reinforcement, coaching, confidence and knowledge assessments.

Dashboard Analytics

SOHLx provides extensive management analytics that allow you to track system usage, milestone achievements, self-ratings, and aggregate assessment results. Additional custom analytics can be added on to track correlations between usage and achievements and key metrics.

"Our organization attracts results-driven people. It’s hard to manage them around ways they need to take care of themselves. This makes me aware of my own role modeling. I need to give staff permission to make self-care a priority."

CEO, Health System, Senior Executive Wellness & Self-Care Study Participant

The APP is customizable.

You can customize the SOHLx APP to meet your organization’s needs. The APP is open architecture, HIPAA compliant, and can be private-labeled.


The SOHLx APP comes loaded with:

  • Continuous Assessments: Both mini and comprehensive
  • Individual, private dashboard results of training, assessments, and achievements
  • Group and system-wide anonymous dashboard with organizational key metrics
  • 150+ evidence-based self-care skills to strengthen all 7 Sources of Health
  • Messaging, badges, recognition awards, certifications

The SOHLx APP can be customized:

  • To create organization-specific content [to supplement the SOHLx content]
  • To use the APP as a stand-alone or plug in to pre-existing strategic tools
  • To add your own messaging, suggestions, and invitations
  • To create organization-specific metrics and track results over time
  • To incorporate your health plan data through your third-party administrator



SOHLx features a comprehensive library of courses.

The SOHLx App featured 49 modules to help the user increase their wellbeing. There are 5 foundational courses; Your Why, YouLab, BYOBF, Breathe and Be Aware.

Once the foundational courses are completed and utilizing the assessment data the user is then given a roadmap of courses to increase their wellbeing in any sources of health they scored low in.


The SOHLx App teaches over 150 skills using microlearning and the CAMP™ method. Each module consists of 6 lessons. Each lesson is only a few minutes long but supplies the user with the knowledge they need to implement the skills into their day to day lives.

Microlearning teaches in short 2-3 minute bursts which use best practices to increase engagement and retention of concepts.



SOHLx features 50+ evidence-based modules featuring 150+ practices that build your 7 Sources of Health.

Experience our powerful micro-learning for yourself and try our demo course for the foundational "YourWhy" module.

Bernie Klein

MD, CEO, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center

“The self-care training was a unique experience and I found the 7 sources of health to be useful. I will use SOHL’s assessment often to guide and improve my self-care. My self-care scores improved from the beginning to the end of the training, in just a short time. My leadership team found the information informative and useful. They were appreciative of the time spent to learn about self-care including practicing some very useful tools”

Jeremy Ensey

CEO, St. Luke Medical Center, Marion, Kansas

“Spending the morning with Ruthann and her team, my staff learned important self-care strategies as well as evidence-based diet recommendations. Ruthann was engaging, efficient and effective at providing tools that we could immediately put in place to strengthen our 7 sources of health. If you are looking to improve your own health or that of your company, I highly suggest partnering with Ruthann and her team.”

Christine Sostarecz

Human Resources, Intel Corporation

“There were a few surprising results from Ruthann’s training. First, our employees actually attended and kept returning each week to learn more self-care skills. Second, 90% say they would recommend the training to a co-worker and 95% say they will take better care of themselves as a result of the training. Finally, I believe learning these self-care skills is sustainable and worth the investment.”

Jennifer Sellitti

JD, Director of Training and Communications, NJ Office of the Public Defender

“Our attorneys, both new and very experienced, benefited from the SOHL training. The unique combination of continuous self-assessment with self-care practices produced positive results on the spot that our staff will continue to benefit from.”

Joyce Brocaglia

CEO, Alta Associates, and Founder, Executive Women’s Forum

“Both Ruthann’s keynote and self-care training were very well received by the Executive Women’s Forum members. She is a caring, engaging speaker who shares her extensive experience and expertise in an unassuming and approachable manner. She took a creative approach to keynoting by weaving exercises to help us find and validate our life purpose throughout the delivery of her content. She taught easy-to-remember practices, coupled with an effective tool for self-assessment, which provided us with an enjoyable process to improve our self-care for years to come.”

Jessie Kaye

CEO & President, Prairie View Psychiatric and Rehabilitation System

“Our leadership team appreciated Ruthann’s authentic and approachable manner for sharing information. She engaged our group from the very beginning of her presentation. We especially appreciated the opportunity to learn skills that we can practice personally, as well as share with our clients. Ruthann’s system for continuously assessing our self-care was helpful and will be a great tool for our leaders. Although we only scheduled a 2-hour training session, the content was so helpful that we wished we had asked for a whole day.”

Lori Knutson

Corporate Director, Integrative Health & Medicine, Hackensack Meridian Health

“Ruthann worked with my team and I to develop a vision for our system to improve the health of our community using integrative medicine and self-care techniques. Her expertise in and ability to articulate the evidence supporting these techniques is reflected in her polished presentations. From training to strategy, I highly recommend Ruthann and her abilities to effectively train and transform leaders, clinicians, and patients using sustainable self-care practices.”